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  1. Add our button/banner to ALL pages that you wish to submit to us. Click here to get the codes.
  2. All submissions must be linked directly.
  3. No forced registration allowed (forums, blogs ect.).
  4. No popups of any sort allowed (this will give you and automatic 2 week BAN).
  5. You may submit up to 40 downloads per day.
  6. No BitTorrent, eDonkey, Magnet or similiar links.
  7. Keep all titles clean (Read the Titles Guidelines!)
  8. All CAPS not allowed in submission titles.
  9. Do not submit a download to the direct source (EXE, COM, ZIP, etc.).
Legend: Allowed / Disallowed

Format: App_Name Version.
  • » NOD32 Antivirus 4.0.437
  • » NOD32 Antivirus
Format: Game_Name (System), no system implies PC.
  • » Grand Theft Auto IV (If a PC game)
  • » Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3)
  • » GTA IV
  • » GTA
Format: Artist - Album (YYYY), if various artists, specify artist as VA.
  • » VA - Hardstyle Volume 22 (2011)
  • » Britney Spears - Till The World Ends (2011)
  • » Till The World Ends
TV Shows
Format: Show_Name - S00E00 - Episode_Name - Media_Format, episode name is optional, media format (such as 720p) should be included if not standard definition.
  • » Family Guy - S09E08
  • » Family Guy - 09x08
  • » Family Guy - S09E08 - 720p
  • » Family Guy - S09E08 - New kidney in town
  • » Family Guy
  • » Family Guy Episode 8
Format: Movie_Name (YYYY)(Language) Quality, no Language implies English, quality is optional.
  • » The Lord of the Rings (2000)
  • » The Lord of the Rings (2000) (French)
  • » The Lord of the Rings (2000) (Stream)
  • » The Lord of the Rings (2000) (Dutch) (Stream)
  • » The Lord of the Rings (2000) - 720p
  • » The Lord of the Rings (2000) R5
  • » The Lord of the Rings
  • » TLOTR
Rapidgator links
  • - If you wish to post links larger than 400MB, set the limit within your account to 1GB.
  • - Failure to do this, will result in your site receiving a temporary ban and all submissions removed.
  • - Repeat offenders will receive a permanent ban.
It's common sense really, forcing users to purchase a premium account in order to download a file(s) is a strict no no. So your options are:
  1. Set the account limit to 1GB and post single links over 400MB. OR
  2. 2. Do not post links larger than 400MB and keep your limit at 400MB.
NOTE that this currently only applies to Rapidgator. All other hosts are unaffected by the above.

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  • » Warez-Serbia - Warez-Serbia
  • » SwiftSlots - Offshore Shared Hosting, Reseller, Offshore VPS and Windows VPS Hosting Plans Solutions
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